"Awww, dang, poetry is so gay!"
That is what most people say when I tell them that some of the greatest people that have ever lived were poets. And they are right, poetry is not a heterosexual activity, and those that do it aren't either. Coincidence? I think not. Heterosexuality means conforming to the ideas of Wolfman and Dadaism. And poets represent society's breaking away from the oppressive grips of heterosexuality. Being gay is also a very effective way to remain sexually active whilst rebelling against the government. Shakespeare wrote, "Damn, the government sucks and so does the sex, I love being gay! Its free and you get a 60 day money back guarantee. My wife wanted me to get that." And Perez Hilton wrote, "Finally! I can be accepted into normal soceity!" No, not yet Perez, you're still really creepy... What I want to tell you is that poetry is not about being gay, its about taking a stand, this guy did:

external image Ugly%20Guy.gif
And you wish you could look like him!