Right now, you might be saying, "Holy shit! How did these morons manage to make a second book?" This is how we would answer this question: Good American enginuity and a lot of trips to Amsterdam! So this, the second volume of 5 in the MOU series, is, as the title demonstrates, an expansion of the ideals of Kent Coleslaw. We break away from the traditional methods of publication in order to avoid lawsuits and to enlighten the reader. In this book, you will see many gears and levers that have various functions, you will see an artist rendition of MONDON 17,068-4, and you will see charts created by the visionary Rimnar 69. This here book answers universal questions, and in a different more artistic method that is sure to give you almost the same experience as overdosing on Cialis.

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The Legendary RIMNAR 69!