What are the Mysteries of the Universe?
Just read the book dude.....

No seriously what are they?
Ok kid, this website is clearly not for you... Read the book

What is the purpose of this philosophical novel?
The purpose of the novel is to enlighten all you knuckleheads on the mysteries of the universe so that you might become smarter, and to make a wad of cash, but more importantly to enlighten the world .

Who is Kent Coleslaw?
He is the visionary that spawned the creation of this novel by asking some of lifes deepest questions. Here is a link to the video that started it all: //http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUWHGm4RdJ8//

Who are you guys?
We were perviously understudies of Dr. Prof. Kent Coleslaw, but our desire to learn more has put us at the forefront of philosophical studie. We are the Doobie Brothers of Philosophy.

Who are we?
Read the book, in case you didn't already pick up on this, those kinds of questions are the ones we discuss.

Is MUUU real?
Is Santa Claus real? Take that!

What is the purpose of this philosophical novel?
See above, when we answered the exact same question....

Is Santa real?
How old are you?
I keep trying to use this website, but my fingers keep falling off. What do I do?
Eat more shrooms

Now my eyes are falling out
Ride the rainbow pony to safety from the overlord Sneesh

Grow up child, and you better move out of your grandmother's place.

How shall we obtain a copy of the book?
Do me a favor and browse through this website... I think you'll get your answer...

Will I get married?
I'm not a fortune-teller ok? and just based off the stupidity of this question I'm going to say probably not... EVER
WTF man MOU doesn't make any sense. I don't even think you have a University
Fuck you

I agree, I've lived in Boise Idaho all my life and I've never heard of any MOU
How the fuck did you get internet? I mean cell phone companies brag about not giving you guys coverage.

Dude the fucking Road Runner lives here of course we'd have internet you retard
Fuck you

Where am I?
I don't care...

Who am I?
I don't care...

What am I?
Ok dude, you need a life man, seriously!