Chapter 4 Volume 4 - The Conspiracy of MONDON 17,068-4
This is MONDON 17,068-4. His name stands for Motorized Operating Nugget of Doom and Ownage and Nugget-Famine. He is one of the most evil beings that this world has ever known.You want to know what he is doing in the image above? He is kicking a small kitten off of the Mat of Equality. Here is him talking to another local badass, Squeer Alberto.

"What do you want! Don't be gettin' up in mah grille!" owned MONDON 17,068-4
"Oh yea?" no-comebacked Squeer Alberto
"Yea" answered MONDON 17,068-4
"Oh. Okay then. It won't happen again, I can assure you of that Mr. MONDON 17,068-4" suck-uped Squeer Alberto
"Don't suck up to me! You will die as a result of that criminal offense!" owned MONDON 17,068-4
"How is that a criminal offense?" backsassed Squeer Alberto
"I don't know! Why don't I just punch the answer into your fat head!" MONDON 17,068-4
"Fine, I believe you! Just don't hurt me!" ran-awayed Squeer Alberto
"Yea that is right you Shnuzz Muffin! Get out of my sight!" meaned MONDON 17,068-4

This is but one fine example that we have of MONDON 17,068-4 being a badass. Another fine example is an interaction that he had with Chuck Norris one day last next January:

"Ayyy! Whats up my badass friend?" niced MONDON 17,068-4
"Nm, u?" text-languaged Chuck Norris
"Nm... How about we go kick some Asian ass?" asked MONDON 17,068-4
"Well, we did that tomorrow. I was kind of thinking we should do something else today" asked Chuck Norris
"Well, since you are a fellow badass I shall honor your request!" said MONDON 17,068-4
"Really?" childished Chuck Norris
"Hell to the no! Ass kicking time starts in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...0!" ass-kicked MONDON 17,068-4

You see. MONDON 17,068-4 may appear to be a loving and kind character never. But he is always a badass who will shoot you and take all of your money unless you have the courage to shout, "You'll never get it alive!" and then see what happens. There is a 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000001210120100001001030905% chance of you surviving. I'd take those odds any day!