CHAPTER 2: Passages From The Lost Book of Knowledge

This chapter expresses the values of our fore-fathers, an anonymous package was sent to MUUU a few days back and it contained the *BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE* (or BJ). When we recieved the BJ we were very pleased and decided to dedicate a full chapter to the pleasure contained in a BJ. Wait a minute... I meant BK not BJ! Cause that's just wrong! This book contains ideas introduced by the 7 FOREFATHERS OF WISDOM AND OTHER SMART THINGS THAT THEY USED TO BENEFIT THE GENERAL PUBLIC BUT ENDED UP GETTING KILLED BECAUSE THE PUBLIC WAS DUMB or the 7FOWASTTTUTBTGPBEUGKBTPWD for short. The 7FOWASTTTUTBTGPBEUGKBTPWD were Socrates, K-Fed, Allah, J├ęsus (the mexican illegal), Kanye West, George W. Bush, and Muhammad Ali Jinnah=. The books were written in conjunction with the ALL POWERFUL ANDREW HWANG