Chapter 2 Volume 4


"Hello, I am Governor Smead Smedijohannsen. Supreme Ruler of Kajikistan" said Smead Smedijohannsen
"Hi, what can I do you for" joked Minister Yan
"30 bucks" took-seriously Smead Smedijohannsen
"Um.... that is awkward..." said Minister Yan
"Yea... cover-blown" said Smead Smedijohannsen
"Anyway, what do you request?" inquired Minister Yan
"I request to tell you a conspiracy I have against Norway" said Smead Smedijohannsen
"Do tell" eviled Minister Yan

At this point, it is important to learn all that there is to know about Kajikistan. Kajikistan is a most wonderous community where people work mainly as florists. However, this is a facade for the fact that Kajikistan is a military democracyship. Also, Kajikistan is located in Scandinavia. See map above:
Epic Battle Plan

"My wonderful plan is to invade Norway!" unveiled Smead Smedijohannsen
"Really? Thats it?" unphased Minister Yan
"Well yea. Is there something wrong with my plan?" concerned Smead Smedijohannsen
"No, but we've been doing that for the past 20 years!" crescendoed Minister Yan
"Oh... well as long as I'm here we might as well come up with some other sort of plan" efficented Smead Smedijohannsen
"I guess" no-choiced Minister Yan

Now, Kajikistan had been invading Norway unsuccesfullytwenty times a day for the past 20 years. Thats 146,000 unsuccessful invasions. So, with a record of 0-146,000, they finally decided that maybe they should try something different. They had a 1-1,567,786,789 record against Finland. So they figured that would be their best bet. So Smead Smedijohannsen and Minister Yan drew up a battle plan:

Well, there it is. No we can invade Finland and then take over the whole world!" overdramaticed Smead Smedijohannsen
"Well... not really. We are probably going to get pwnd like n00bs at least 146,000 times before we get our heads on straight" obvioused Minister Yan
"We'll see about that" stormed-off Smead Smedijohannsen

We know now that 20 years after this, Smead got his wish. They owned Finland and took it over, then they moved on to Sweden, and eventually even owned Norway. Kajikistan was now the most powerful country in all of the land. And they began to size up their next opponents.

"How about we destroy the United States" eviled Smead Smedijohannsen
"That would be the stupidest idea ever... we are already the most powerful in the land" stated Minister Yan
"Well, for now we are. But we need to EXPAND!" said Smead Smedijohannsen
"No not really." defied Minister Yan
"Well, let me put it this way. Do you like McDonalds Dollar Menu?" asked Smead Smedijohannsen
"Yes. Why everyone in Kajikistan loves it!" said Minister Yan
"If you don't comply with my demands, I will take it away!" eviled Smead Smedijohannsen
"No you wouldnt!" said Minister Yan
"Oh I would. So comply with my every request" said Smead Smedijohannsen
"Fine, but please keep it heterosexual because I'm not going to have sexual relations with you" said Minister Yan
"Fine bu---" got interrupted Smead Smedijohannsen
"Or your cats." owned Minister Yan
"Damn, they always find the loophole!" angered Smead Smedijohannsen
"Lets get to work then" reluctanted Minister Yan
"Thats what she said" owned Smead Smedijohannsen

At this point, the rest of the story is a mystery. But we know that Kajikistan plans to invade us. And we know their battle plan. Because Smead Smedijohannsen made the mistake of leaking the battle plans to the internet on facebook (he used them as his profile picture). Here is the plan: