About MUUU:

Mysterious Universal University of the Universe has been ranked 4th in the list of Pseudo-Universities. This ranking holds us to a higher standard for knowledge and knowledge related topics. In fact we guarantee that if your knowledge isn't better than those other guys *cough* Bob Jones University *cough* you can send it back for no charge! Our college located in the mysterious land of Boise, Idaho (where all the potatos come from) right next to the Marmalade forest. We have a thriving campus of over 12 and offer a variety of clubs including, Lets Just Get High Club, Lets Get High and Do Calculus Club, and the extremely popular Why Aren't You On Shrooms Right Now Club. So come on over and recieve a complimentary hit from the bong!

MUUU History:

MUUU was founded many years ago by us. We decided to create the Universal University of the Universe because we felt that other schools did not provide a REAL education. Our story begins 10 minutes ago...

"Hey Johnathat"
"Yes Albius"
"Want to make a University"
"Now I have a gun to your head! Answer again!"
"God damn it, I didn't load the gun because I just figured you were going to say yes"

Side Note: We play in the ACC (I dont know why because we arent on the Atlantic Coast...) and we have a Division 1 Football and Basketball team, also for foreigners we have a Division 157.2 Cricket Club Team.